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Saturday, September 09, 2017


This was originally a medieval house set in the Towy Valley between Llandeilo and Carmarthen. It was in the same family for 10 generations before falling into disrepair.  Over the years parts of the  estate  were sold off and the house is now owned by a Trust who are gradually restoring it but the gardens have been recreated and are open to the public.  More here.

Some say that there was a monastery here in the past and the walls that are left would suggest so.

The restoration of the gardens has been featured on TV and for many years we have had it on the must goto list and this summers we made it.

Well worth a visit.


  1. Nice place but just think of the cost of the servants!
    I wonder if that was part of a monastery, the building looks aged.

  2. Labour was cheap in those days Mr A, and I guess houses like this were the major employers in the area. There seems to strong evidence that there was a monastery and walking around it does feel like one. I would have thought an archaeological dig would have been done.

  3. Great to see the house and gardens have been saved and are being restored. I hate seeing these old places falling into ruin, but also I'd hate to see the annual bills to run a house like that!

    Great photos too Dave!

    1. Yes its good they are preserving them Mick, so as this isnt National trust there's a charge for us, but then at least you know where the moneys going as the cost of restoration must be huge. Something I like about the N T is that it offers lots of apprenticeships to keep the old skills and crafts alive.

  4. Wow 10 generations....that's like the 1600's or earlier...Amazing that it is that old and so good they are restoring it, the gardens are WOW by the look of your photos!!

  5. A long time Sondra and the place itself may well be older and may have been a monastery. I didn't post all my photo's but some of the old walls around the gardens really look like the cloisters of a monastery or similar.

  6. I'm catching up on my blog reading and I'm so glad I came across this. It is a gorgeous piece of property. The gardens are beautiful. I would love to walk around there.

  7. It is Kathy, and was such a pleasure to visit that we may go back there in the Autumn.

  8. Is that a Banana Tree? Very interesting reading, goes back many generations. Thanks for sharing Dave.


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