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Saturday, January 20, 2007

More libraries

As it was a fine afternoon I cycled over to Roath to take some pictures of their library and passing the Taf on the way, it was fuller than usual, after all the heavy rains. Whilst taking the picture and chatting to a dog walker, she told me that a few days ago its was even higher than this, as then the concrete fish ladder in the middle, was under water.

Roath Library

Then on the way back into town I passed these cranes which were resting after the weeks work of changing the Cardiff skyline.


  1. For some reason I can't see the pictures, DaveM. But I want to. Maybe you could try to repost them. I'll return.

  2. Hi Annie, I've now reposted them. I'm having trouble posting into Blogger since they have changed. I have been using Picassa to post them and that has caused the problem. Did you have the same problem?
    Good to hear from you. Cheers.

  3. If I'd gone about with a camera shooting pictures in our library, they'd tell me very priggishly, that's not allowed.

    For some reason, I thought that Wales would be dark and gloomy seeing that it's winter now..but look, sunshine and everything. Everywhere's so lovely.

  4. I'm back and can now see the wonderful library and surrounding area.

    I have had occasional problems with photos not showing since I switched to beta. I don't use Picasa though. I still haven't quite figured out why my photos sometimes show and sometimes only a Red X shows. But I do count on visitors to tell me there's a problem since I see the photos when I pull up my own blog.

    As guyana-gyal says, the sunshine is lovely now, isn't it.

  5. Thanks, Wales is fantastic when the sun is shining but only great when its raining. I have some more sunny photos which I will post later.

  6. That water looks cold to me right now while I am sitting here in front of my computer this morning California time 7:13 AM.

    Pretty picture of the river, and the art work on the archway of the library looks interesting.

    If I were to take pictures of a library, they think I was plotting something.

  7. I don't yet know how to insert a link to a website, so let me know if you were able to cut, paste and then go to this site. This is the river near my home. Your top picture caught my eye. I have lived in the same location since 1981 and have witnessed some records mentioned in the website. We average 70-80 inches of rain per year. And the river offers a mighty response to those 4 inch days...



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