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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forest of Dean weekend

Ferry Crossing

River Wye

The Forest of Dean was the venue for our first cycle club meeting this year. Nineteen cyclists were there enjoying the rides, and boy were we lucky with the weather, hardly a drop of the wet stuff. The days before had been incredibly wet, so wet in fact that the ferry in the pictures was unable to run due to the river being in spate. I won't tell you how my wife described us for being so lucky, she just can't believe it.

We stayed in the forest area for Friday and Saturday night so managed to get good rides done for both Saturday and Sunday.

Have a look at the link as the Forest is a magical place with a lot of history. Its only 50 miles from Cardiff and well worth a visit.


  1. The rope across the river is very interesting - to keep the ferry on course?

    So lovely that your weather held for you to enjoy the two riding days.

  2. Hi Annie, yes we were very lucky, especially as its February. The rope is to hold the ferry. There have been a couple of occasions when the rope has snapped and the ferry has shot downstream over the rapids, but thankfully they are not big ones. Still a very frightening experience if you are in the ferry.

  3. Dave, these pictures are beautiful. I love the paths down the hill in the first one - though wouldn't much like having to go back up them! You really have so many interesting places to visit near where you live - thanks for sharing them. And for the edification...I had no idea what a 'river in spate' was!...looked it up, though, and now I'm edified!

  4. Just beautiful! I think even I could be inspired to ride a bike with settings like this. Nice pictures Dave

  5. Hi DaveM, let me know what you think of Widow of the South.

  6. Jackie, its a wood thats not in common useage now, but I like it as the pronounciation itself can be very descriptive.

    Kat..Ok then when you come over, but you might think differently when you see the hills, but no stopping for a quick ciggie.#

    Annie... will do. I bet you have lots of interesting places around you that can tell a few civil war stories.

  7. It's a beautiful area you live in, Dave. And the Forest looks much like our terrain and vegetation here.

    I love the photos you post...it's like being there!

  8. The more pics. I see of Wales, the more I want to travel there.

    One silly question, Dave, is it winter, that's why the trees look semi-naked? Or is forest like this all year round?

  9. Hi GG. Its the end of winter and the beginning of spring here. The decidious trees are just coming into bud, and some which flower before they bud, already have their blossom, eg the cherry trees.

    In the forest there is often a mixture of decidious and everygreen trees which can make it interesting and less bare.

  10. Beautiful! What it must be like to have that kind of scenery around you.


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