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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Early Spring Flowers


A welcome sight of Spring, but March often has a sting in its tail..........snow is forecast for Monday!


  1. Oh, that's pretty. Will it live through a snowfall?

    Another blogger from the UK posted lungwort the other day. It's blooming all over your world, I think. I'd heard of it and now I've seen it enough I'll likely rememeber it.

    You can look at Woodland Gardens blog here

  2. I've had enough of winter - can't wait for the spring flowers! Thanks for the photos of something to look forward to :-)

  3. Isn't lungwort beautiful? I have it in my garden too...it blooms so wonderfully early, through all kinds of weather!

  4. Makes me just want to reach down and hug all of those flowers.

  5. I could put up with maybe a little snow - if it didn't hurt these beauties! I love spring!


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