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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Little and large

Posted by PicasaI love the white blossoms.
The top one I pass everyday so I have watched it go from being bare to this. All those flowers make it look as though there are candles on the tree.
The daisy tree is in our garden, beautiful, but it only lasts a short time.


  1. The top one looks to be a locust tree. Is that right?

    It is beautiful and full of blooms.

  2. What is it about white blossoms? I love them too.

    Have a shrub in my front yard that is called "bridal veil". It should be blooming soon, and when in full bloom looks like it's name.

  3. Hi DaveM,

    Yes, I'm familiar with Google Earth - it's wonderful how one can hone in on a place such as Asher Avenue.

  4. The daisy tree is unfamiliar to me, but oh! those white blossoms...don't they just glow in the mist!


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