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Saturday, April 21, 2007

What can he see?

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You can stand behind the man and look through a telescope, the eyepiece is a hole in the back of his head. If you enlarge the picture you can just see the eyepiece.
The bottom picture is the view you would see.


  1. LOL - thought that was a real man until I enlarged it! What on earth is that called? I want to look it up and see why and how it was made. It is so cool.

  2. Well, I will say that this is just a little disturbing to me. It's the hole in the head that disturbs. But then, once I get past that, I think it's marvelous art - and view.

  3. Thanks for visiting my post.

    You have some wonderful pictures...I will be back often.

    Sorry you were disapointed with Bridges of Madison County...Not about bridges...well sorta of.

  4. I also thought it was a real man at first. How unusual is that! I liked the pic.

  5. i enjoyed a lot the first pic ^^

    nice post

  6. You have the most intriguing statues on your site, Dave! I thought it was a real man, too.

    Is that you by the cycle in the first photo?


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