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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Boats in the Bay

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Some more boats but this time in Cardiff Bay.
The lock gates have seen better days. This is the last area of the Bay that hasn't yet been renovated. When its done the walkway and cycle route will be complete, so you will be able to do a circular tour of the whole Bay area and the barrage.


  1. I love all the little boats in a row....and I glad they are going to fix the lock gates....they look very sad.

  2. It's lovely to see the boats in the bay, DaveM. And how good to know that there will be an investment in the area, an effort to make function and beauty go hand in hand.

  3. That lone blue boat looks simular to a tug boat that I seen last month in the San Diego harbor here in California.

    Hello Dave! I been without a computer for quiet sometime and now I am back once again and wow do I got a whole lot of catching up on checking out your blog.

    Looks really good your blog.

  4. That will be so nice once the renovation is finished. I miss the sea, boats floating under the sun make me feel so peaceful.


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