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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

As clouds go by

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We are waiting on a moving date, and its like watching paint dry.
Its amazing that anyone gets around to moving at all in the UK.
The frustrating part is that there is nothing you can do to speed the process up.
Lets hope this is the last time!


  1. Its the same everywhere, moving is bad enough but the paperwork is killer.

  2. Moving? Wow everyone I know (except me) seems to be attempting to sell or just having bought...

  3. I hate being in limbo with moving dates. I moved to my current home nearly five years ago and swore to never move again. Unless I win the lottery of course...

    Hopefully it will be as nice as the day in your pic when you move house!

  4. Thank you all. it now looks as if its the 13th. July. Good job we are not superstitous.

  5. I love that expression - "like watching paint dry"! LOL Really 'paints' a picture!

    Hope all goes well with the move. Are you going far?

  6. July 13th is a great day! One of my daughters was born on that date. Unless, of course, that 13th falls on a Friday...then all bets are off. Congratulations and good luck!

  7. Where are you moving to Dave? Not out of Wales I trust. Rmemeber if you need a break from it all theres a big space on my mountain.

  8. Incidentaly, it sounds like you might benefit from She Of The Town House. Bought and sold a hose in under a fortnight. When she goes into action the enemy just wave white flags.

  9. doh I meant house of course, anyone could do that with a hose.
    *Oh lord, now look, I have trampled all over his blog*

  10. Good luck with your move, Dave!


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