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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Polo Match

Posted by PicasaOnce a year polo comes to Cardiff.
I came in at the end as I was crossing the park, just in time for a few pictures.
I would guess that a lot of Champagne and Pimms was drunk during the day.


  1. Never seen a polo game...only on TV - looks charming!

  2. This is challenging my preconceptions of Cardiff Dave.
    Sports event take place in the Millenium Stadium and Pimms drinkers are dumped in the Taf....surely....
    As for Polo. Some of the lads I remember thought anything to the left of golf was for transvestites.
    Mind you, a lot of the stuff you used to see on the rugby coach was probably leading up to this.

  3. The chap in the top right, looks like he had one too many Pimms. He appears to have nodded off with his dog under the chair. A sign of a good day maybe?!

  4. Very neat set up there is!! I like it when you said that there was alot of champagne drinking.

  5. I would love to see a polo match. It looks like everyone was having a very good time. I agree with Jayne. I think that man has nodded off! Great photos!!

  6. Lovely...how charming these photos are...just exactly the way I picture polo matches to be!

  7. I am like Wanda, I also never seen an polo game before, just on TV.

    Looks like it would be more fun to watch in person though.

  8. I've never seen a polo match. Never particularly want to either -horses are just too big for me! I do like 'people watching' if I attend events I'm not much interested in. I don't even know where they would have polo matches in Washington, or if they do.

  9. I once saw what my son and his fraternity brothers called a polo match...looking at your pictures, I think the boy was teasing me.


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