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Thursday, July 05, 2007

All alone

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Thre are not many of these traditional pubs left. The Vulcan stands alone in an area scheduled for redevelopment. Maybe once the new apartments have been built it will have a new lease of life, but not in the same format I bet.


  1. Hello again, Dave M. I wish I could come aand walk with you to this pub so we could share a few moments to catch up on all that's happened since I've been gone. But I'd need those giant legs of Atlas to get there.

  2. The Vulcan will probably be turned into one of those nasty trendy theme Pubs. I know I sound like a right old fogey but I hate those kind of Pubs....much nicer to have one which you can actually sit and chat in rather than having to shout over the too loud, crap music!
    Whoops, sorry that was a bit of a rant.....Don't know where that came from...I never go to the Pub these days anyway!!

  3. It's sad when anything traditional has to go with the times....Some things should just be left alone. I saw one old house standing in a lot yesterday, waiting to be torn down for new development. I call it the last house standing...I may take a picture and post it, if I get there in time.
    Love all your pictures and comentary.

  4. Reminds me of the Cardiff Arms in Splott. Is that a Cardiff backdrop as well?

  5. That pub looks old, like it belongs in the historical collection of older buidings...

    It be sad to have something of this such to be changed.

    I do not care much for progress, I miss how the older verision of San Diego used to look.

    Now I feel like I am living in a whole new city someplace else.

  6. That little house is known here in the US as a Cape Cod. I wonder if Cape Co, Massachusetts houses are fashioned after those in Brittany.


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