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Sunday, July 08, 2007

How green are you?

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Just been looking through some old pictures and came across this.
Its my "folding, ride anywhere" bike and I have just been to the supermarket.
Its quicker than taking the car.......honest.


  1. Dave, You are always so clever! Your pictures, your narative...Never dissapointed coming to your blog!!!
    By the way, can you spare a roll of toilet paper?

  2. I'm impressed at your efforts!

  3. It looks like you can carry quite a load with you on your bike. Riding a bike is so much better for the environment. Good for you!

  4. You made me laugh, dear Davem! Nice bike ;-)

  5. Ah foot power faster than a car to get to the store? Um...we must enter you in the book of world records then.

    But then yet again, just how far is that market from you anyways?

  6. Buying in bulk, are you now? I guess one can never be too prepared.

  7. It does looks a bit like third world transport, and I guess thats what a few neighbours think when they see me returning from a shopping trip. The other thing is I can't resist a bargain or offer hence the toilet rolls.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing your stained glass - or whatever idea was triggered by my photo today. Annie

  9. What beautiful windows, Davem. I'd be sorry to leave them behind. I hope your new home has amzing views too, and brings you & family lots of happiness.


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