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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Leaving Penarth

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Maybe those on this boat are saying "Lets go and find the sun" A rare sighting this summer in the UK.


  1. Sorry you've been having bad weather this summer. It looks like it was nice that day though. Lovely photo of the boat!

  2. You certainly live in a beautiful place!!!!

    I could jump on this boat and sail away. My blog tomorrow is a sailing one too!!!!

  3. Perhaps they are headed this way? The sailors will have to walk their boats a great distance, however, to reach Arkansas.

    Perhaps your shed angel and my garden angel are cousins?

  4. Sun or no sun this is a beautiful place...I would love to be on that boat...wonderful picture.

  5. Looks inviting, by the way you want sunshine? I be glad to make a trade with UK..otherwise we are just going to dry up and blow away with the sand here in San Diego, CA

  6. Dave, the summer here has been mostly dismal, with thunder showers and cold wind, at a time when we are usually awash in sunshine.

    We have had few consecutive hot days...perhaps they'll happen yet!

  7. I just dropped by to say "Shwmai" and to tell you I've been reading the Michelin guide to Wales today.

  8. A lovely pic as usual. I'm amazed you captured a pic of some sunny weather. I'm hoping for some this week. Fingers crossed!!

    Have a lovely week.

  9. Glad to see you got a little sun. I hope the rain is about done there. I still cannot believe how much it has rained there.


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