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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oakdale Miners Institute

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There was always something going on at the 'stute' as they used to call it. Sarah's brothers used to play billiards there and borrow books from the library. The Institute had been built by the Miners Union, they had collected money every week, and asked rich men in the area to help. The owners of the pits had agreed to collect the money every week from the miners' wages. This made it much easier for the Union.The Institute was run by a committee of men who were elected by the miners. It was used for all sorts of things apart from entertainments. Meetings were held there, strike pay was paid out there, and if the men wanted to see the miners' agent about any union problem they could visit his office in the building. The Institute was often the biggest building in the village.
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  1. I really like the architecture of this building. It looks more like a castle to me!

  2. The history of the miners and then the beginnings of WWII is heady stuff. And it makes one realize this really wasn't so long ago when people were hungry, paid too little for the hard work. I'm sure you've heard of the mine disaster in the U.S. and how the miners were bringing up coal that had been piled to hold up the mine roof from earlier mining. They were collapsing the mine after them but it collapsed on them (it is thought) this time.

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  4. Interesting history and I agree with Lori, it looks like a castle.

    Thank you for your well wishes in my comment area of my blog, I won't be posting for a bit and so I be just going to some my favorite blogs when I am feeling up to it.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful building...thanks for the link,as well. It was a fascinating read!


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