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Saturday, October 13, 2007

"On a bicycle made for four"

A quad bike?

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What a beautiful support car to have with you?

A couple of pictures from the National Cycle Show in Earls Court London.

I went up on Friday to visit. London is always good and will never cease to fascinate me. Now that there is a Megabus running to it its very cheap to get there. Because these buses are cheap lots of students use them, so when I get on it lowers the average age a bit.


  1. A bike for the whole family, huh? That would make the Saturday afternoon ride a real family affair.

    Is that just decoration on the car front or is that a bike perched there. It looks like decoration from my vantage point.

  2. What a marvellous idea. I've seen a three seater tandem or would that be a tricycle?

    I agree about London always a fascinating city. Wil you be going to see the Terra cotta Army exhibit?

  3. Annie, its two spares wheels on the front, the spare bike was on the back of the car.
    Sandy, hopefully and also the Tutunkamun. My daughter booked to see the Terra Cotta army and the earliest ticket she got was March.

  4. I remember Earls Court well - as do most Aussies. That's a great bike. But four seats and four sets of pedals and four people to maintain balance? Not sure I'd want to be ``saddled'' with that responsibility!

  5. I agree with Annie on that car with the wheels that is they look like decorations.

    That four seater is really something else, I wonder if the last person in the back ever really pedals with the rest of the riders?
    I bet the riders could really pump up some speed on this baby.

  6. What a cool bike. It would be fun to take it for a ride. You are lucky to be within a bus ride of London. I'd love to go back there some day! What a great city.


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