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Monday, October 22, 2007


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Title: Stumped!!!
Description: The stump of a tree
Creator: John Williams
Copyright: Booth Centre
Location: Broadhurst Clough
This is how I feel at the moment. For various reasons I haven't been taking many pictures, which is crazy because we have beautiful weather. Ideal for autumnal scenes.
I will just have TGMAIG. ???
Answers on a postcard please.


  1. Ummmm...I really like the photo of the stump. Unfortunately, I don't know what TGMAIG could be...To Go Make An Image Great? And now, I'm stuck on that sentence, lol!

    I'm sorry you're stumped, Dave. It seems it's catching...a lot of the blog owners I visit seem to be the same. In fact, there are days when I am, as well. Take some time off, that finger will be itching to take photos again in no time!

  2. Some days or weeks are meant to be empty of old routines. Embrace the emptiness and before you know it, you'll be full of ideas again.

    The enigmatic TGMAIG???????

  3. Well Dave, how about "To Get My Attitude In Gear! Maybe you just need a "Jump Start" :} Actually you stumped me...I'm crabbing at straws!!!

  4. See how you are...I can't even spell "grabbing"!!

  5. I often find myself stumped too! Well, you came up with a good solution. I like the "stump" picture that we get to see today. Your other readers have great suggestions for TGMAIG. I'm afraid I can think of nothing!

  6. Yeah! I've never been a winner!!! Thanks Dave, when can I expect my check? (((Big Smile)))

  7. Was Wanda being gracious when she used the work "attitude"?

    Pinkys there and pinky's here - that is what is right with the world today.

  8. Dave, how come you have so many women posting, what's your secret?

    The big rickety wheel is just for christmas, not for life!!

  9. Wanda...a check???? As all the best people say "its in the post"

    Annie, I am sure Wanda was being very polite, but it fits very well.

    Dr adder youre comments are very welcome, it helps to address the balance. Is it because many bloggers are women?

  10. I agree Dave - 1 male to 4 women is about even (c:~
    Oh dear, perhaps I shouldn't have said that?
    But I would have thought there are as many male bloggers as female - perhaps it is something in the genes, you know how they say women love to gossip!
    Oh dear, perhaps I shouldn't have said that?
    Though, you let the side down by not boasting about your manly charms.

  11. My first visit to your blog! I like your stumped photo, even if you need to TGYAIG!

  12. Your not alone Dave, many photo bloggers or shall I just say all bloggers will take time off for few days or so.

    Perhaps it is just your time to give yourself a break away from the computer for a bit...maybe even your camera too.

  13. And yes you have me stumped on TGMAIG too.

    And now that I know that Wanda is the winner...then what do us loosers get? tee hee hee

  14. Gossip? Women? Oh you caught us out on that one!!

    Love the pic!! ;0)


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