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Monday, November 26, 2007

Outside the Courts

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The dragon rests whilst Gwilym Williams looks on.
Gwilym, was born in 1839 at Ynyscynon and became an important judge in the county courts of Glamorgan. He was a highly respected public figure and was known as Judge Gwilym Williams of Miskin Manor. He and his father were the promoters and chief supporters of the first daily newspaper in Wales, the Cambrian Daily Leader. Ygwladgarwr, the Welsh language newspaper published at Aberdare, was also established with the help of David Williams.


  1. How beautiful the sculpturing is on this - the dragon is awesome.

  2. Very awesome indeed! The dragon is wonderful, and I just love statues!
    Just got back from LA and trying to catch up!! :)

  3. Gwilym Williams the poet? What does he have to do with the dragon?

    Oh, there are lots of fish in the brown river and in the brown ponds.

  4. I like the Welsh writing on the crest. That must be a hard language to learn! Do you speak it?

  5. Thanks all. I have added a bit to the post about Gwilym Williams.
    Lori, no I dont speak it fluently but I have a reasonable understanding of it. Its a very old language and a few words are derived from Latin, no doubt after the Roman invasion. It also has close ties with Breton in Brittany France and the Basque language.

  6. I've heard Welsh spoken...although I didn't understand a word, it was very lyrical and I could have listened all day.

    How wonderful that you can understand it...such a beautiful language!

  7. Oh, THAT Gwilym Williams. :)


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