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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My route to work.

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Work your way from left to right and you have my cycle route to work. I'm lucky in that I have a 4 mile route which is virtually traffic free, if I leave early enough. Its far more relaxing than going in the car.


  1. Great route, althought I imagine it took you longer for you to cycle that day! Plus, I want to know who Harry is....

  2. What a neat collage Dave. I love cycling too - one notices so much more on a bike than in a car.

  3. How wonderful to be able to cycle to work. It it good for the environment and you get your exercise! That's a great idea. You have a very nice route too. I love the collage effect of your photos.

  4. When I first looked at the collage, I thought, my, what a long way. But then I read it was only four miles, and I felt better for you, Dave.

    I bet your route changes wonderfully with the Seasons. By cycling, you get to see it all up close.

  5. Eight miles a day makes Dave a fit man!

  6. Harry is a work colleague.

    Yes its good to be able to cycle as it keeps all the old joints working. Four miles is just about right and by taking it easy I can cycle in everyday clothes. With the dark nights, bad weather on the weekends, being roped into shopping, its about the only cycling I am doing.

  7. What a lucky, lucky man you are, Davem, and you count your blessings too, that's great.

    My cousin's husband in London cycles to work. I don't know how he does it with that traffic.


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