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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Varekai - Cirque du Soleil

We went up to the Albert Hall to see this show as the tickets were a Christmas present from my daughter. What a spectacular show, it was fantastic. Read more about it here.

Whilst the whole show was incredible and its difficult to single one part of the show that I liked best, there are lots of clips on You tube if you're interested.

I have included this clip on the blog as this guy was so impressive, his upper body strength was amazing. Please have a look at it as he is inspirational. Have your speakers on to get the atmosphere.


  1. Dave that was unbelievable!!! What an awesome performance. And you are right...what upper body strength!!

    Amazing post..what a wonderful evening you must have had.

    LOL :)

  2. Although I've never seen a live performance I have marvelled at the flexibility and strength of these cirque performers, watching in rapt amazement until my brain just couldn't take anymore. Did you feel that same sense of overload at the live performance?

  3. You must have had a great time. I love Cirque du Soleil and always go to see them whenever they come to New York. I was in the Royal Albert Hall many, many years ago and thought it was so beautiful!

  4. The famous Cirque du Soleil...!!! I've seen them on youtube, it's amazing ;)

  5. It is like a form of Ballet almost! Very good performance.

  6. Cirque du Soleil is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. I've never seen them live either, but even just through TV they are amazing.

  7. Hi Dave, the air quality in downtown Little Rock is usually good except for the very hot season. The haze you saw in my photo might have been humidity. It's usually quite humid in our town.

  8. Hi, DaveM
    Really beautiful.
    Thank you

  9. Love the pic of the Albert Hall.

    The show looks really interesting too. I think I'll have to keep practising to get to that level.... (Ahem).


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