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Sunday, January 25, 2009

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At least the architects have made it blend in.
Who said there is a parking problem in this area?


  1. Love the reflection of the trees in the windows of the third photo.
    How do you pass someone on those narrow streets? The first photo looks like a group of matchboxes - we have lots of those here too :)

  2. Dave my thinking was very much like Janice. I notice that more and more of the homes built here in the states are getting closer and closer together. You could jump from roof to roof... I don't like that!
    And yes, looks like only your bike could fit down the street.

    Have a great day...hope you have sunshine soon.

  3. I like those ornate chimneys in the first picture. I wonder if each house has a little garden in back? I enjoyed seeing your pictures!

  4. These are town houses and Cardiff around its centre, has many of similar type streets. Each house will have a small garden. I will show you some more.


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