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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Plenty of history here

Taffs Well is situated in a gorge between Cardiff and the South Wales valley and as well as the river there have been canals and railways transporting goods through it.
RCT Images [circa 1875]

There were very few bridges across the Taff and this ferry originally used to transport the iron workers from their homes in Taffs Well across the river to work in the Pentrych Ironworks.

This is Taffs Well lock on the now defunct Glamorganshire canal.


  1. The canal systems in the UK have always fascinated me. A friend who lives in Kent, England, has sent many pics of her and her father operating the locks on the canals for his pleasure boat. If they renovate the well perhaps they will clean up the canal again too.

  2. I wonder how much the ferry man charged his passengers for a trip across the river. He would have made a tidy sum, I imagine, transporting all those iron workers!

  3. I rode on a canal this summer and it was quite interesting to go through the locks. I guess there aren't so many in use anymore.


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