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Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Sunday ride

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These were the views on our bike ride this Sunday. The pictures were taken above Ferndale and Taylorstown. Some of the best examples of ribbon conurbation you'll ever find.
I'm a big fan of the valleys and the valley towns, and they are now at their best. I dont think many people would want the coal mines back and all the pollution that came with them. The valleys and their people are now beautiful and unpretenious.


  1. Yes, that's why it is so nice and relaxing to come see your peaceful life on your blog. Thanks for your visit.
    That's a pretty narrow road for a bike and a car, no?

  2. How absolutely lovely....

    Dave you are a brave biker...those roads look steep and hard.

    But YOU are the MAN!!

  3. You got some beautiful country side here, I hope that Taff's city will be able to get that well restored and back in business again to lure tourist. I take it that is a natural spring of the well there.

    Glad to have you back again...although I been a tad bit busy with company, and now school is right around the corner for me.

  4. Gosh it's so lush and green there still. Beautiful scenery.

  5. Wow, Dave, those roads are sure narrow! But it must have been a really beautiful ride, those views are incredible.


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