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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...and at the bottom

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....a favourite watering hole for Cardiff cyclists.


  1. Um...I like the look of your watering hole. ha ha

  2. Dave you asked about the history of Cardiff by the Sea in California. I was able to research and found out how it got it's name! I copied it below!

    In 1910, 35 years after Mackinnon's arrival, a Boston painter named J. Frank Cullen relocated in San Diego. In 1911-12, setting aside his brushes to become a developer, he visualized a coastal community playground on the land Hector had settled. He subsequently purchased said land, plotted the town site, prepared a map and began selling lots. Inside lots sold for $30 each and corner lots were $45. History has it that Cullen chose a Spanish name for his playground because of its proximity to Mexico but Mrs. Cullen, a native of Cardiff, Wales, persuaded him to name it Cardiff and give the streets English names. Today, only San Elijo Avenue and Orinda Drive remind us of what might have been. Victor Kremer, a German musician developing the composer district north of Birmingham, may have added the "by-the-Sea" from the song "By The Beautiful Sea."

  3. Hi Wanda thanks for this its interesting especially the link to Cardif Wales. Mrs Cullen must have been a very influencial person.!!


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