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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chippenham buskers

I love buskers and these are called the Bucket Band.  They looked and sounded as if they had been playing for a few years.  Good street entertainment.
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No need to lock the car while I'm here.


  1. Now that sounds like fun especially if spring weather is a party!

    Re. your question about the windows on VDP's post yesterday: look closely, click on the photo and you'll see... I don't know what it is...

  2. Interesting and unusual musical instruments especially the gal with the violin. They most certainly look to be having fun and I can only imagine you stomping your feet with the music too.

  3. Car security, I like that.

    Love street musicians.

  4. Those instruments look so cool, very unusual shapes!

  5. Ceil, it looks like the filming that they use to darken windows and this has bubbled and cracked.

  6. Oh cool - your dog? I missed seeing all the buskers at the waterfront in Victoria on Vancouver Island there was some fantastic talent in many areas...


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