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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Black Mountain ride

Eleven did this ride over The Black Mountain, but the weather was atrocious, with high winds and continous rain.  For safety's sake we shortened the distance, but they all made it safely to Llandovery.  Me ..I had to pull out because of damaged knee ligaments but provided the back up support with the car.


  1. I hope the damage isn't too serious and you're good to go soon. In my opinion, you didn't miss anything with that rainy and windy ride.

  2. Oh so I'm not the only one with bad knees am I? I can hardly drive let alone walk... At least you didn't get all wet...

  3. "Sorry to hear you have a bad knee"
    like you had always told me You best take care of yourself" (can't believe you try to ride your bike)

  4. So sorry to hear of the knee injury. I tell you those riders are truly "mountain men".

    Busy around our house....hope you have a great week.


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