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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Cardiff Half Marathon

The winner was Boniface Kongin in 62 mins. 02 secs.   Thats almost 13 mph.  

The Cardiff Half is now one of the biggest half marathons in the UK, with about 16000 competitors and it raised about £2.3 million for charity. 

The winner of the wheelchair race was Adrian Disney

I didn't get a picture of the womens race winner Joan, Chemilmo, as a cyclist outrider went in from of the lens as I pressed the shutter.

Loads of support all around the route

Just taking the baby for a walk?

I really am Superman.


  1. What's the story on the runner in the silver suit and wouldn't that be really hot?

  2. Barbara & Ron. Many people do it in fancy dress to raise money for charities. I've no idea what the suit is but yes it must have been very hot in it. I bet he was much thinner by the end of the race.

  3. I admire everyone for this (especially a person named Disney!!)

    It isn't my computer that's playing up, it's Blogger. Today's post of VDP's American adventures is up since midnight CET but Blogger doesn't retrieve my perfectly valid feed some days...

  4. Wonderful pictures. What a great event. Just got back from our trip to OR to see grandson. Trying to get back into my blogging routine.


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