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Friday, March 13, 2015

York and Leeds

With the arrival of our granddaughter in January, this was the first trip in the van this year.
York is a good base as the campsite is within easy walking distance of everything.

The National Railway museum is always worth a visit.

 Stevensons Rocket

 A huge Chinese locomotive, made in the UK and then shipped to China.

 Beautiful embossed handles on one of the Royal carriages.

And with the railway station so close we caught the train to Leeds.

 The ceiling in the Corn Exchange.  It was designed so that it allowed in the clear northern light which enabled the merchants to closely inspect the grain and determine its quality.

 Part of the Victorian Arcades.


  1. FIRST ~ Congratulations on a grandchild.

    These are wonderful pictures. So many details and so unique. You really got some great captures of your trip.

  2. Thanks Wanda, as you know its very exciting.

  3. My father would love the railway museum. I had to look up the definition of arcade since over here it's short for penny or video arcade. It's a beautiful building and I learned something besides.

  4. Barbara, its a fantastic place and that bit of was of the Royal carriages only. Its a place where you can always go back to as there is so much to see.....and its free.

  5. Congratulations!

    And dare I say sláinte today of all days?

    I really need to get myself to the North of England. Really.

    And yes, I'd love it if we beat England. To be honest, I'm not too sure how though.

  6. Oh my your a Grandpa now, Congratulations!

    Never seen so many trains in under one roof.

  7. Sorry... :-) But hey, England didn't win! :-)


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