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Saturday, April 18, 2015

St Davids Pembs

 A few days away in West Wales, and you cant get much further West than this.

This is what the pilgrims came to see, three trips here was worth one to Rome, or something along those lines.  It is magnificant though, and  seen through the eyes of a medieval pilgrim it  would have been awesome.

This is Carn Llidi.

The whole area was settled by early man  and there is plenty of evidence along with many standing stones.

Whitesands Bay.

There's a site of a very old chapel here, dedicated to St. Patrick.  
Maybe just before he went to Ireland !!

A new Lifeboat station is being built here.  Its crazy that such a valuable rescue service is totally reliant on public funding.

Another old chapel , St Non's.

This little fellow came to see what we were doing when we sat down, no doubt hoping for a few crumbs.


  1. The cathedral is magnificent! I looked it up and see it's 1000 years old. Amazing.

  2. I would think a trip to visit you, Dave and have you as a tour guide would be on my bucket list.

  3. Sure some pretty areas shown here and with such a rich history too.


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