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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Down the Bay for an ice cream

Always a favourite ride, and as it was sunny I took my old bike, which is about 35 years old, for a spin.  Its a lovely ride as its so light, but its not up to the cycling I do now.

See the route on the LHS

1980 Raleigh Competition.
I've changed the gearing all round to make it more rideable for me.  Its a 34 /13 on the rear and a 48/34 chainset.  I've kept all the original stuff, just in case I decide to sell it.

Parks are now leaving verges uncut and this was lovely with the cornflowers out.

This used to be a pitch and putt area but now a meadow.

The old Custom House along with the new developments.  Apparently cardiff Bay is one of the largest waterside areas in Europe.

The goal!!


  1. A worthy goal too! My favorite is Mint Chocolate. I love the old bike, it's very sleek looking. When I lived in NYC one of my best friends there was a bike messenger and she had a 7 lb road bike, she forgot to chain it up just that one time----> Gone in 2 mins flat! The meadow is wonderful!

    1. Yes it looks good and lots of birds can feed off the seed heads. One bird the Twite is dependent on long grass, but that's now only found in a few places in North Wales. I'm a rum and raison ice cream man.

  2. All that way for an ice cream! :)
    Round here they leave as much verge as possible, only cutting what is required.
    Improves the roadside, graveyards and parks greatly.

    1. Its a much better way of cuttung grass, and everyone benefits, Wildlife, and the time spent. I have left you a message about your blog problem, hope it works.

  3. You can't beat a ride with a mission and a little reward at the end of it!


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