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Monday, August 07, 2017

A ride to Ponty

I needed to go to Pontypridd [Ponty] for a few things, so rather than ride the direct route I took a scenic one, hung the camera around my neck and clicked away as I rode.  So the picture quality is not brilliant, and I'll just add a few captions to the pictures.

The trail passes  the rugby field on what was the old railway line from Cardiff to Treforest

I wonder who this is posted over the cycling sign, maybe someone from the rugby club having a joke!!

The trail rejoins the road through an industrial estate,  which being a Sunday afternoon is very quiet.

Even the main roads are quiet,

and then back onto some lanes which gradually climb, giving some good views of the old works and parts of Pontypridd.

From the signpost above to this pub is a gradual climb of nearly 2 miles, so the slow sign is very apt.

Good views from the top, and they can always find space for a playing field in the valleys!

Into Ponty and across the river Taf, into the park where there was a fete going on.

Then its trail, again an old railway line, all the way back home

 Taffs Well is more or less in the middle of this picture but on the valley floor.


  1. Excellent write up and photos Dave! It looks a great ride, with a bit of everything going on (even a rather Cornish looking view with those two chimneys!).
    Rides like this are what it's all about for me, having a ride and taking interest in your surroundings along the way. Great stuff!

    1. Mick, its easier to do this when on your own but I always enjoy the surroundings when I'm riding its just that I dont always stop and photograph them. Its your blog that's the inspiration for me to do a post like this one.

  2. Great to include a train ride on your tour this day. The scenery is lush and green and the course you chose looks to have some challenge as well as some city road and country road. I know you had a great day out really enjoyed seeing your bike on that stone wall.

    1. Sondra we are lucky to have good trails and roads around here. The abundance of rain makes "the green green grass of home".

  3. Your part of the world is so lovely. Those are some really nice looking bike paths.

  4. Alison, its sometimes easy to just accept the cycle routes but a lot of money has been put into them and luckily they are well used.. In fact some of the trails near towns are very busy on weekends. Cycle tourism is very popular and it all adds to the coffers of B&B's, hotels and cafes.

  5. An excellent ride, made better by quiet roads.
    How useful are old railway lines for cyclists!


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