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Thursday, January 30, 2020


This was the reason for the visit 

its on the same  line as Taffs Well  and a pleasant 35 minute train ride  away.

The Parc and Dare

The Parc and Dare was built in 1892 and was originally a working mens library and institute.  It was funded by the workers of the Parc and Dare collery who donated a penny  from each pound of their wages per  week.  Here the miners could meet, learn and socialise , as it featured a bar as well as a library.
In the early 20th century a theatre was added and in the 1920 a cinema was installed.  It still functions as a theatre today with many productions being produced locally.

Being a valleys town the shops are in one street, and being Wales it was raining.

Nowadays its not often you come across a traditional butchers.

As always in a valleys town there are plenty of cafes and Treorchy lives up to this, so you'll never go hungry or thirsty.


  1. What a wonderful idea. This award helps keep communities on their toes and that enhancement is beneficial to everyone who lives there and visits! It looks lovely, all the Mom and Pop businesses, so refreshing here Urban sprawl is erasing the individuality of communities. I watch some "home buyer" TV Shows and I'm always impressed with the small towns in the UK, normally they look for "shops, a Post Office, and a Pub!
    Good to see you posting, have a great weekend.

    1. OH I love your header shot wow...amazing building.

  2. Thanks Sondra. The header is a picture of Cearphilly Castle which I took a few weeks ago whilst out cycling. Its good to see small town shops flourishing as many town centres are slowing dying as more and more people shop on line. Treorchy's main street is interesting as residential houses are still part and parcel of it.
    When we moved from Cardiff the criteria for an area was exactly what you said, and Taffs Well still has all three. The bonus was a library but unfortunately that has closed due to funding cuts.

  3. Oh Dave, I agree, your header is so lovely. I can't tell you how much I would love to visit your country. But since, that is not a reality in my life at this time...I will continue to ride behind you, and travel to all your wonderful spots. If your bike feels a little heavy ...it's me HaHa.
    Treorchy is a lovely place. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Wanda you're welcome.

  5. Wales in the rain. Not a day for the bike really.
    God castle picture.

    1. Its always best to have a rain jacket when cycling......just in case.

  6. i have visited Wales three times, and had my share of rain there. I always find it difficult when people inquire as to what is your favourite this or that? But if I had to choose one favourite area of the UK it would be hard to overlook Snowdonia.

  7. We do get plenty of rain David. Pleased you enjoyed Snowdonia, as its a beautiful area and compact enough to get around it easily, the narrow gauge railways are ideal for this.


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