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Monday, January 08, 2007

Canton Library

Canton Library

Carnegie free Library 1907

Inside with the high ceilings
and the Welsh section at the back

This one is our local library and is appropriately in Library Street Canton, with one of my favourite cars parked in the front.

2007 is its centenary and hopefully there will be some sort of event to celebrate it. Lots of primary schools are nearby, so for many children its their first introduction to a library. I know the school that our children went to had a close association with this library.

Talking to the librarian on Saturday she was complaining that the building is cold and damp with some leaks in the roof. The running costs of these old buildings is very high, but they are such an integral part of the local community that it would be a pity to loose them. The high ceilings are very wasteful of energy, but it was built in an era when heat conservation wasn't considered important and Welsh coal was king. Cardiff was one of the largest coal exporting ports in the world. Now there are no commercial mines in South Wales and the port has almost ceased to exist, lets hope we hang onto the libraries.


  1. Ah, it's beautiful (and so's the car out front). I see a community project here, a project to protect and help the library. You know, it only takes one person to start such a project.

  2. Yes, and while you're working on that restoration Dave, the interior could use a bit of decorative painting, LOL. Maybe some nice historical stenciling?

    Great car - is it yours?

  3. As for the car ....I wish. Its a 1976 model Citroen but I always thought the styling was superb and so timeless.

    Here's a good reference for all you photographers, it's from the Points of Light blog;

    "Got a photo tip you'd like to share? My photo advice site, Ready, Aim, Click is the place to share it. Got a photo that went wrong and you'd like to know how to do better next time? Drop me an e-mail: jjrdns6[at]aol.com."

  4. A 1976! I'm impressed. It looks much better than our 1993 Jeep, LOL.

    POL blog is great. He still uses film. I've gotten lazy and am mostly digital.

  5. Now this is a beautiful library, and I agree with Annie about the car out front, lol.

    It may need restoration, but to me, it feels like a library, whereas so many, especially the ones here, don't have the soul this building does.

  6. Yes this is a beautiful library, how is it in the summer months. is it nice and cool inside or not?


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