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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Community focal points

This is the pub and church in Lisvane, a "village" just north of Cardiff. I say village as it was many years ago, but it has now been engulfed by new developments.

Its very common to have a pub and a church near each other in a village, beacause both in their own way are centres for the community. Think of local weddings and funerals, a few beers before the ceremony and then some more after. Religious and social meeting points.

A big incident on our ride today, one guy came off as he was going downhill, and slid into a car coming up the hill. We had to call the ambulance, as it turns out he has a broken elbow and a badly sprained wrist. He is home safe and sound now, so alls well. I think this is only the second accident in about 15 years, so not a bad record for the club.


  1. You've inspired me to wander around Qualicum Beach and take photos...we have an extremely picturesque little Town!

    It must have been horrifying watching the biking accident. Like watching something happen in slow motion in a dream.

    I'm glad your friend is alright!

  2. When you say the guy "came off", do you mean he was on a bicycle and fell off? I'm thinking that since Marion mentioned a bike.

    I do think having a bar (pub) and a church so close to each other makes a lot of sense. You see the same proximity in the state of Wisconsin in the U.S. In fact, there are many jokes about whether there are more bars or more churches in some towns.

  3. Winslow is in Arizona - and in Arkansas too. Annie

  4. Good to hear your friend survived the accident, sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

    That's a pretty impressive pub. Great shot.
    In our village the pub is opposite the church too.

  5. A few years ago there was a topless club just about three blocks from a church and the community gotten together including the church at which they basically ran that club out of there.

    I am gald your friend didn't get hurt worse!

  6. Guess it does make sense they would have churches and pubs near each other, especially when built so long ago, when everyone didn't just hop in their cars to drive everywhere. Great pictures, Dave, as usual.

  7. Oh OW! That would hurt falling off a bike into a car.

  8. Ouch for your friend! About 25 years ago, my husband was on a ride and got sideswiped by a car and thrown. Last time he ever went biking without a helmet. Fortunately only needed stitches in his hand.

    That church looks very sturdy! It's all exactly like I picture it in my mind, over there.

  9. Oh Dave - file under very strange - I got an email notifying me of the comment you made on my recent post - but it never showed up in the actual comments section of the post! Very bizarre.

    That has been happening to me a lot - I make a comment somewhere, then when I go back to visit - it's not there! I kept thinking I was going crazy, but now I don't think it's me after all.

  10. I loved your photos. Very picturesque.

  11. So riding a bicycle is possibly more dangerous than flying an airplane? Looks like I need to do some research.

  12. Also, I had the very same question that Annie has: Does "came off" mean fell off? As for the church/pub/bar arrangement, they should just call it what it is: a CHUB or a CHAR.

  13. Hi came off = fell off. Cheers, Dave


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