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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pretty in Pink

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After Annie's photo of a pink car and thinking about Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald I thought I'd carry on the pink theme with the cherry blossom on the trees in a nearby park.
We are having great spring weather, but April can be so changeable, as I have seen these same trees in blossom and snow on the ground.


  1. It is pretty in pink there, very pretty.

    I did look up Molly Ringwald and learned that she'd lived in GB (London I think) for a few years. Now she's back stateside, as I learned from Wikipedia, "As of January, 2007, Ringwald is currently with the national touring company of the musical "Sweet Charity" playing the title role of Charity."

    Alas, it's too from Arkansas to New York for me to see her perform.

  2. Those are stunning! I have a weeping cherry tree at the old house that has just come into bloom. So beautiful with her dangling branches covered in flowers.

  3. I think you and I must live in much the same gardening zone, Dave. Our cherries have just completed their bloom, but we are earlier than the majority of places on Vancouver Island here.

    The Cherry Festival has just passed; it always signifies Spring to me!

  4. Great picture! It's just barely starting to turn 'pink' around here. I can't wait.


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