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Monday, April 23, 2007

St Davids Hotel

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In the previous post one of the buildings you can see through the telescope is this, the only 5 star hotel in Cardiff and Wales.
Its the giant seagull on the top I like.


  1. What a spectacular building. When I come I probably won't stay there though I might walk through it, just for the fun of it. I'd rather stay in a smaller, family run place, I think.

  2. What a fabulous building... I wish I could travel to places like that...maybe someday! In the mean time...I'll travel with your pictures!

  3. Annie...I think smaller places are much better. We have plenty of smaller hotels, Bed & breakfasts and guest house which are the one I use particularly when I'm cycle touring. On the whole they are very friendly places.

    Wanda...Thats the way I see places, particularly America. I would love to visit and see all the things that I studied years ago, but the long haul flight puts me off a bit.

  4. This is great. I'd like to look through that telescope. You get to see the neatest things, Dave!


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