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Friday, April 27, 2007

Sunday rides

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Not everything is beautiful in South Wales, this is what you come across sometimes.


  1. Dave, you couldn't have named your blog better...Everyone does love pics. and your's are the greatest.

    Love coming by and seeing new and intersing things..(((smile)))every day!!

  2. Oops, a wreck just ruined someone's day.

    But that looked like an old wreck so maybe they were over it by now.

  3. Thanks Wanda, I will kepp them coming.

    Annie.. the caption of that picture could have been "How many wrecks can you see".

  4. I went back and looked and I only see one. Those two guys look fit and happy.

  5. It's a wonder the iron junkies haven't sold the old wreck to China, which has a high demand for scrap metal.


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