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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Wye valley

The Biblins footbridge

The Three Sisters
House with a beautiful view
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Last Sunday we took a walk along the Wye from Monmouth towards Symonds Yat and across the footbridge and back to Monmouth.


  1. Ah, it sounds like I should investigate Monmouth as a retirement destination.

    And thanks for the idea about a bit of ham for the kitty. I have a bit of ham and will designate it for that next encounter.

  2. Hi Annie, thanks for commenting. Monmouth is a great town , lots of history attached to it and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Its also in the County of Gwent which I think is probably the best county in Wales. To me it has always been the county that encourages people to see it by having excellent public rights of way. Let me know if you want me to do some reserch for you.

  3. Research...........I hate it went I have posted and then find a typo.

  4. Oh dear.... done it again ......I shall give up.
    This looks like the only way I will increase my comment entries.

    Ummmmm double check before sending.

  5. DaveM, if you go the Easter Egg hunt on Monday I hope you will take some photos for us out here.

  6. I just saw your comment above. I am still a ways away from retirement OR from moving across the sea to a country that is alive in my dreams. But someday, DaveM, I might just start asking you all kinds of pointed questions.


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