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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brandy Cove

Following on from yesterday.............

Yes it does lead to the beach, Brandy Cove in fact.
I'm not sure of the origins of the name but it certainly conjures up images of smugglers unloading barrels of brandy and carrying them up this lane to waiting carts who will take them into Swansea.

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This little cave is on the way to the beach.

Was it a place to hide the contraband or it is really a Witches Cave?


  1. Looks very enticing! And why not both a witches cave and a smugglers one... though maybe not at the same time...

  2. Hi Dave: trying to catch up on all my blogging reading and commenting. When you are gone a few days you miss a lot.....
    The pictures are great. Will be back later to comment more.
    Have a great day.

  3. I think it was used to hide the contraband, but then the witches came along and claimed it. I just have to have it both ways, don't I, just like Carolyn.

  4. Blimey that brought back memories. I lived in Swansea for three years in the seventies. I walked on the Gower a lot.
    Brandy cove. What a little gem.

  5. Yes! The beach. How great is that, to see the view afterwards. :0)

    We used to go on holiday to the Gower Peninsular when I was younger, probably about 12 or 13. My Nan and Grandad always went as well. It's a great place with lovely areas.

  6. Looks more like a bear cave, perhaps it used to hold all three at once.

  7. So much beauty, it takes me breath away. If I lived near a place like this, I'd sit there at least once a day.

  8. What great pictures! It makes me feel like I could walk right into them - and stroll down that path to the beach. Beautiful.

  9. Finally Internet (Because I can have Internet only the weekend and the public holidays), I can visit your blog. This weekend I present Martel in version black and white. I prefer the photographs in b&w and you?
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  10. Hi DaveM, Re your comment on my blogphoto today: Thought I'd say that I too think it's a little silly to dress up in hat and gown when one is 5. I'd rather have the milk and cookies while the adoring parents stand by.

  11. Beautiful!
    My 7 year old thinks it may be "Fairy-meeting headquarters"..........you never know!


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