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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lundy Island lighthouse

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I just fancied posting this shot as its a reminder of a very pleasant break I had on the island last year.


  1. That looks to be a magical place, DaveM. I wonder if my ancestors (who hailed from Cornwall) ever traveled to see the island. I think they were quite busy and quite poor so it's doubtful. But maybe they found magic somewhere. I hope so.

  2. Gorgeous. That's quite a view there!

  3. "Lundy Island"...I will put this on my list of places I want to see when my ship comes in.....!!!
    Absolutely stunning....can you imagine the view??

  4. It is a magical place, no cars, very basic paths and no lights. It's a place where you can experience the night sky without the reflections from towns and cities. Its only inhabitants are the maintenance staff and people who rent the very limited accommodation on the island.
    Annie, My wife's ancestors came from Cornwall too but left when the tin mines began closing.

  5. That picture seems so inviting and after reading how big that little island is, it is even a wonder how the so many diffent types of climate changes there are on all sides of that island.

    I have always had a thing about lighthouses ever since I had visited the one up in Astoria, Ore.
    Before they had torn it down a short few years ago, it used to have 122 steps spiraling up to the candle light room.

  6. thank you for your visit on my blog.

    this headlight is splendid, it is on an island?

    mon blog of photographs on the town of Martel.

  7. About that house with the signs in the yard, every room was beautifully artsy, painted in vivid colors and decorated with paintings everywhere. That's one house where people would congregate anywhere, not just in the kitchen.

  8. I'm back again. Are you tired of hearing me comment on your comments. I did want to say that I too liked the empty space around the girl in the white dress (graduation crowd on my blog). She made that photo for me too.

  9. Hey Dave, thanks for your visits. You asked what camera, I just have a simple little Kodak Easyshare with a zoom lens built in. Probably two versions ago...meaning I bought it two years ago...

    Great pics here and I remember the puffin...so cute.

  10. Never get tired of hearing from you Annie

  11. I love any pics of the sea. I hope you weren't to precariousuly blanced there! Great view.


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