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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Riverside Food Market

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These four sculptures greet you on your way to the outdoor food market which is held every Sunday on the Taf Embankment.


  1. As I write this I imagine you are sleeping and perhaps dreaming of going to the food market after you awaken, DaveM.

    It's true the Little Rock neighborhood where the ladies drinking coffee were sitting is a good neighborhood - but it's also a heavily shopped neighborhood - and thus an attractive spot for thievery.

  2. I love those sculptures! Pap needs something like that outside his store, it would get more people in.

  3. What wonderful things you always find to look at. It makes me think that maybe I am not 'seeing' as I'm going about my business. I'll have to start looking closer.

  4. Oh the Taf, the Taf, the silvery Taf!
    Not too sure about the sculptures. I will ask my nephew who lives in Cardiff what he thinks.

  5. I think I have most of them growing in the veg patch. Whereabouts is the market Dave? I am in Cardiff some time next week.

  6. Um, let me guess here, the lower right pic is a Bell Pepper, the pic above the bell pepper is a lime (?) the other pic to the left on the bottom is peas in a pod, as for the top left pic I have no ideal whatsoever.

  7. Perhaps these type of food sculputres should be use in my part of the world because I can never seem to find that Farmer's Market in my area that many people have told me about.


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