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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just to prove it

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Some peolpe were thought to be crazy,
but others had a certificate to prove it.
If you enlarge it you will see that poor Caroline was classed as a pauper lunatic.


  1. Oh, my. Now I wonder if our medical condition certificates will look as odd, 118 years from now?!

  2. A certificate for insanity...Hmmmm...! What a interesting post!

  3. I've studied documents like this one and have pondered the lives of those who've been bereft and abandoned to the workhouses.

    How did you come across this one, Dave?

  4. Annie,
    This was an exhibit in the Museum of Rural Life in Glastonbury Somerset,
    How did you create a hyperlink here?

  5. If she was not mad when she came in the asylum, she've become...(is my sentence correct? I hope you'll understand it!)

  6. hyperlinks look like
    {a href="http://websiteyouwant.html"}text you want to link{/a}
    but replace { and } with < and > respectively.

  7. Dave, to create a hyperlink, type in this code

    the word you want the reader to click on

    Try it and see if it works for you.

    I found the main page but then didn't see where to go to read about the pauper certificate. I did see that there's some concern with gypsies in Somerset. That's something you don't see here in Little Rock - at least we don't call the travelers gypsies.


  8. Oops, I see that I will have to try again - my explanation turned into a hyperlink to no where.

    type in and then type the word you wish the reader to click on and then close it all with

  9. This is simply transforming even when I try to type the whole thing out

    Look at the paragraph headed with "The Anchor Tag and the Href Attribute" at here

  10. Poor Caroline. It sounds like she didn't meet with a very good end. That must have been an interesting exhibit.

  11. Just trying it out.
    {a href="http://www.somerset.gov.uk/somerset/culturecommunity.html"}click here{/a}

  12. Ummm.....some develoopment needed here I think. Back to the drawing board.

  13. Very interesting. I wonder what she did or how she behaved to be certified as a lunatic.

  14. Instead of [ and ], you must use < and > signs, Dave.

  15. Wow, she was 68 years old! She probably was not well...and then to go to a workhouse!

    What an eye-opening document.


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