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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Whats in your travel bag?

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No.....dont tell me.
The reason why I took this was because whilst camping the toothpaste flipped its lid and oozed out all over . So I had to wash all the junk in there and then when it was drying, thought it would make an interesting picture.
My bag is more of a survival kit than anything else. Why I have a comb in there now is crazy.


  1. Scalp stimulation? That's why Pap says he keeps a comb.

  2. That is interesting. My case looks quite like it when it's full but it's been a while since I've gone anywhere. I did tell my brother today that when we come to Wales you will show us around the Gower. Right?

    And combs can be used for many things, Dave, don't you know. Wikipedia mentioned all these uses:

    # Separating cotton fibers from seeds and other debris. The cotton gin, a mechanized version of the comb, is one of the machines that ushered the Industrial Revolution.

    # Making music. Stringing a plant's leaf or a piece of paper over one side of the comb and humming with cropped lips on the opposite side dramatically increases the high-frequency harmonic content of the hum produced by the human voice box, and the resulting spread sound spectrum can be modulated by changing the resonanting frequency of the oral cavity. This was the inspiration for the kazoo.

    # Making comb-marbled paper

  3. This was a delightful post...And as far as the comb. Who needs one. I just wash, scrunch, shake my head and I'm on my way....Thank goodness for short hair.

  4. passport, toothbrush and a credit card...... ?
    I could leave out the toothbrush I know but one never knows....

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  6. Um...you seem to be missing some plastic zip lock baggies, that way there after you used your comb for scrapping out of the seeds from the cotton fibers like Annie suggest you then would need to stored those seeds and other items into baggies. :)

  7. "Oh yeah almost forgot to add, you could also put your tube of tooth paste into a baggie that way there next time you won't find a gooey mess.

  8. Well I see you have a beard trimmer - so there's your answer.
    It's great for getting rid of crumbs and midgies that get caught in there (c:~
    By the way did you ever find out what they were filming? Maybe it was Catherine Zeta Jones(Douglas) (oooh oooh weee!!)

  9. This does make for an interesting photo. It looks like you come well-prepared!

  10. ... oh just noticed the most important item .......... the waiter's friend. No self-respecting traveller should be without one.

  11. Talk about prepared for anything. I think you must have been a Boy Scout. Am I right?

  12. Oh, gosh, I had a good chuckle at this. I'd NEVER want to take a picture of all the junk in my travel bag. :-) And like you with your comb - there is no rhyme or reason for some of my 'stuff', I'm afraid.


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