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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soft refreshing rain

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Fine rain or in Welsh "glaw man" on a rowan.
This is the type of drizzle that when I was a kid and wanting to go out and play you thought that you wouldn't get wet. But ended up soaked.
Apparently Ireland has "60 types of rain"
A gentle mist all heaven kissed
Like teardrops off an angel's wing
Don't you know you'll cleanse your soul
With a walk in the Irish rain.
Cho: Oh, Katherine, take my hand
I've got three pounds and change
And I'll sing you songs of love again
And when I get too drunk to sing
We'll walk in the Irish rain.


  1. That's a lovely photo of the rain on the rowan, Dave. It rained here in Little Rock today and it might have been Irish rain since I think there were at least 60 different types of rain off and on all day long.

  2. That is a lovely song and now I am wondering how it sounds.

    Pretty picture you have here today and speaking of rain we had some yestereday for the first time in a long while and wow were we needing it too! We are to be having some of that same type of drizzling here for us as well starting sometime in the early morning hours.

  3. Is that what the Scots refer to as roamin' in the gloamin' ?

  4. Hi again, Dave,

    You asked why we worry about who sits next to us in an airplane - for me it's that I don't like to talk and listen to people who inflict themselves upon me and they always seem to find me in situations where there's some fear. Do I look the reassuring type?

    There was a man in the cafe, quietly eating by himself, and I inflicted myself upon him, asking him if he'd take that photo of Kelly and me using my camera. He was gracious. I wondered if he later posted a blog comment saying how he doesn't like to sit next to people in a cafe :)

  5. That's a lovely rainy day photo. I love the rain actually and find it very comforting. It is one of my favorite sounds too!

  6. Hmmm...seems our weather is similar, as well, Dave, lol!

    There is nothing like the rowan tree in the fall. It's a lovely photo.

  7. That is a lovely photo and song. We had this kind of soft, fresh rain when I was a girl in California. It always smelled so good once it had stopped.

  8. Thank you, Davem, for these last posts, so various, and even with a French touch!

  9. What a lovely Dave, I love rowan trees and a rowan shimmering with gentle rain is even better.

    Thank you for the song too.


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