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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Waverley

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This radio controlled model was being sailed in a local park, here's the real boat.
The Waverley works her way around the UK every year and its well worth a trip if she is near you.


  1. I've seen plenty of remote controlled planes, but I've not had the pleasure of seeing a model ship. Super photo, Dave...it looked like a proper ship at first, until I saw the people in the background.

  2. Nice photo of this model boat, Have you ever went on the Paddle Steamer yourself, after reading about this boat, seems it would be a great fun ride to do provided that I don't get sea sickness.
    And I do get sick even out on calm waters in the bay too. :(

  3. Seeing this makes me want to stand up straight, salute and break out into song.

  4. I guess the trip was great... model boat look very real but the people behind gives the real size.

  5. ... just realised that's almost a pun.

  6. Sorry I've been gone Dave. Have missed several of your posts. Love the boat, but the picture below it of the leaves is striking!

  7. That looks like a very good likeness! It would be fun to take a ride on the real boat. I have a similar picture of miniature sailboats that I'm going to post someday.

  8. I remember the Waverly coming in to Lulworth Cove and disembarking passengers for a wander back in the early sixties I think.
    Last time I saw it was round the island of Aran.
    Nice model.

  9. Got a plague of the Waverley on our wall and our cleaner was asking about it last week. She'd seen it while on holiday in Dunoon recently. I sailed on her around the Clyde in the late 60s but last time we went on her was around the Bristol Channel from Penarth about 10 years ago.


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