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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dock Store Merchants

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No doubt a very busy shop when the docks were thriving.
A provision curer was a trader who cured meat, possibly for the long trips away.
The bonded warehouse is where the wines and spirits were stored after being imported and before the excise duty was paid on them.


  1. Would this have been just for fish or for pork and beef too? I am uncertain what exactly a provision curer is as we don't use that term in Canada. The local butcher/abattoir cures pork and bacon for customers while meat packing plants do so for the large grocers.

  2. Good questions from Janice..I was thinking along those lines too.

    It is a nice building and I like the shades of blues in the pic.

  3. And it's not busy now though still open? Do tell, Dave.

  4. Dave: Just got a email from Rosy (Anita) and she asked if I would tell you she has been very busy with her mother and has not had time to blog. She sent you an email but wasn't sure if it went through!!
    So here's Hi from Rosy!

  5. Ladies, ladies you have such enquiring minds. There's more on the blog now.

    Thanks Wanda, I received Rosy's email.

  6. I'm glad you explained what a provision curer does. I would never have known. That's a beautiful clock on the building.

  7. Yes, we're an inquisitive bunch, aren't we, Dave. Thanks for indulging our curiousity.

  8. Thanks Dave for the info. I should have realized liquor would be there from the word 'bonded'. :)


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