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Thursday, November 29, 2007


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Do you have this weed where you live? It reminds me of giant rhubarb.
Have you noticed a blueish tint to my last few photos? I accidentally had the camera setting on tungsten lighting, so as the weather was cold I thought the blue tones added to the images.


  1. This "weed" is a very nice plant, a "gunnera" (I don't know the English name). It needs a lot of dampness so it's very happy on a riverside. I had one in a pot in my garden but it died because of the frost.
    Thank you for your visits to Arradon DP!

  2. I think this is what we used to call 'elephants ears' when I was a kid.

  3. That's a beautiful plant. I've never seen anything like it around here. It's amazing that's it's growing wild there. I like the blue tint to the shot.

  4. We have hogweed here but this looks more like gunnera - and it is known as giant rhubarb :)
    Hogweed here has more fern like leaves and the hairs on the stems cause severe burns. A child last year lost his eyesight due to the toxicity of this plant and had severe burns over most of his body.

  5. Thanks everyone, youre right, it is a Gunnera manicata and not giant hogweed.

  6. Well I kinda like the Hogweed sound Partner...Sounds a little bit country!! ((smile))

    The pictures are so beautiful, love the coloring.

  7. This plant looks simular to the ones growing up the street not far from me, except I never seen the leaves get as big as these.

  8. I haven't seen any around here but I wish I had its lovely.
    Like th eblue tint too.

  9. This plant looks a lot like coltsfoot, to me. It looks like gunnera a bit, as well.

    I have a photo of coltsfoot where the plant is larger than my friend who grew it. It is considered a terrible weed, but my friend grew it with great panache and kept it confined. It grew at the edge of his pond, loving the water.


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