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Monday, December 03, 2007

One of the things I like about Christmas.......

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....and thats the Salvation Army band playing carols in the shopping centres.


  1. Oh! I do too. I love watching the music specials on TV too.

  2. Oh I love Salvation Army bands. I did a book report years ago on the founder of S.A. It was a thrilling story.

  3. Good day. Dave.

    The Salvation Army does such a much-needed job for so many in our world. Hurrah for them now and all year long.

    Today on my blog I post a photo with a link to a post fourteen months ago. In that 14-month-old post is the your first comment. Did you know we've been corresponding over a year now?

  4. How lovely! We have people collecting for the salvation army here, but never with bands playing music. That must be nice!

  5. I LOVE hearing carols when out shopping. Not heard any yet. Maybe I shop at the wrong time.


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