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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A rainy day shot

What a rainy weekend we've had. For me its cabin fever weather, a weekend for staying indooors and doing whatever you do best indoors.
Still a little primula to bring some colour into the weekend.


  1. What a beautiful flower! I hate rainy weekends, I can tolerate rainy work days, but weekends are for special things!

  2. Thanks! Now I remember I wanted to buy some primula(s?) to renew my window boxes! I do like their bright colors. Spring, spring, spring!

  3. How beautiful. You must have a green thumb! The color is very cheerful.

  4. The last few days have been very, very cold and sunny. We're expecting a snowfall this weekend...and I'm still on the Coast.

    I'll bet Cabin Fever will hit with sunny, cold weather next year, as well. In the Cariboo, they still have a couple of feet of snow.


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