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Sunday, May 02, 2010

My love is like a bright red..........

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Not had much time for photo's lately because I've been busy with the builders doing some work on the house.

This shot was taken at Snowshill Manor, a wonderful example of how eccentric the British can be.


  1. Wow...he used that beautiful house to keep his collection in? And lived in the cottage? That's amazing!

    It must be exciting and tiring doing those renovations, Dave. But this will make the new house your own.

    I had a quince bush way back...a few homes back, actually, heh! But I loved it in the Spring especially, when the exotic flowers appeared. I would force the branches in the house, long before it actually bloomed outdoors. And the quince fruit...they are delicious in a jam!

  2. These flowers are lovely, now I know what a Quince Plant looks like. I have seen Quince sold in some stores but never try the fruit myself.


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