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Monday, June 27, 2016

Interchange Orchids

Coryton Interchange

The Coryton interchange is about a mile in circumference with footpaths and cycle paths crossing it.  It the middle is a a nature reserve and at this time of year full of wildflowers.  It gets largely left to itself  due to access and location and it is managed very sympathetically by the Council. 

This morning I walked across it on the way from Taffs Well to Whitchurch and the flowers were  blooming.  One of the stars of the show is the  pyramidal orchid which thrives here.  I only had my phone camera but it captured the scene well enough.

Anacamptis pyramidalis, the pyramidal orchid

Not much blogging lately, plenty of cycling though and later on in the week we have our club ride from Plymouth back to Cardiff, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of that.  


  1. It's good that that space has been left for nature to thrive...very lush and I think I see some clover flower in there as well...bees love them!

  2. Gradually councils are adopting a more environmentally friendly approach to roundabouts and kerbside's, in that they only cut / mow around the edges. So there are benefits all around. Britain is still reeling in the aftershock of the recent referendum, its political chaos at the moment.

  3. The council here likewise allow things to grow for wildlife.
    For years churchyards have mown only half then swapped to the other to allow for access and wildlife.
    Walking among greenery with flowers is a break from laptops!

    1. Churchyards and cemeteries are a wonderful haven for wildlife. One cemetery here has actually created a nature reserve in an old part of the graveyard.


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