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Sunday, July 17, 2016

St Swithin's Day

St Swithins day

St Swithins day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithins day if thou be fair
For forty days'twill rain nae mare

Well it rained all day so at the moment it doesn't look good for the rest of the summer.

No bike rides or walks just a day spent reading and looking out of the window.

Here's an avocado that I grew from a stone.

Our Christmas tree which happily lives in the back yard.

Well I've just seen the forecast for next week and it's looking good with temperatures in the mid to high 20's.

Where is St. Swithin!!!!!!


  1. How interesting...St. Swithin. I love the view from your windows. And you did great with your Avocado stone. Really grew tall. I have done a plant from a sweet potato in a jar.
    You Christmas tree is thriving....Merry Christmas in July.
    It's been a busy summer...sorry I've been so scarce.

  2. From reading your blog Wanda it has been a busy and fun time for you. Thanks for the wishes.

  3. You have a wonderful room full of light and a lovely garden area beyond by the look of it. You know I have an avocado tree also I wonder is we will ever get any fruit from them? I plan to re pot mine this fall when all the garden pots go on sale for 1/2 price.

  4. Sondra, Yes it is a light room and as its on the shaded side of the house it doesn't get too hot. The garden is lawn and flowers with a small apple tree in the middle, but its a mere postage stamp compared to yours. I don't think the avocado will fruit as I guess you need others for them to cross pollinate. I keep mine this size by root pruning.

  5. Love the poem. I had to look up when St Swithin's Day was. I can't Remember if it rained three days ago. I'm glad it wasn't yesterday when we had hail. ;-D

  6. See the difference is that because you don't have rain as much as us you have to think when it rained lasted........we know instinctively!

  7. Swithin was wrong.
    Fantastic, an avacado plant from a stone!
    You will be happy with the weather now, but possibly not cycling far?

  8. Yes he was, and it is too hot for me to cycle, how they do it in the Le Tour amazes me. There was a ride going this morning but I opted out. We never get the chance to acclimatise gradually, it just goes from norm to off the scale.

  9. Maybe it was counting the days of rain we have already had!

    1. For me the summer hasn't been bad, i tend to judge it by how often I can go cycling.

  10. The next time you have nice raining day, oh please please send it our way before the summer ends for us here. Nice looking avocado tree, what is your secret at growing it?

  11. All I did Anita was to pop the stone into some compost in a pot and left it in a warm place.


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